Who creates and engineers our reality? Are we fully in control of our personal selves, or do we let outside influences or forces tell us what is real?

This exhibition seeks to explore the ever escalating immersive relationship between human beings and technology, and searches for visual and symbolic answers of ways that the human mind, body and spirit can transcend and be freed from forms of social or physical control imposed through these increasingly everyday technologies. The title, “Reality Engineering” can also go both ways, from the media constructing false realities that people allow themselves to take at face value, or certain industries and corporate entities borrowing from authentic and independent culture and sub-culture figuring out new ways for capitalism to commodify and appeal to youth culture by turning and selling these images back to us. There is also the powerful, more chaos magic influenced inverted meaning, and that is to engineer our OWN realities, and to decide for ourselves who is in control of our own reality and destiny. Through large scale digital collage of purchased hi definition stock imagery, projected animated GIFS, drawings, and his musical performance project, Pictureplane, Travis Egedy’s work is a commentary on this battle between the real self and the outside forces working to define it for you. Because real is a feeling. 

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  1. Andrej says on14. Jan. 2014:

    omg aky zlaty chalanko 3:17

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