New Project Unity originated in the village Dúbravica, where artists of Peripheral centres (Andrej Poliak, Igor Babiak, Ján Kostolanský, Veronika Mezeiová, Carlos Carmonamedina) live and do art and community activities.Large form painting of the size 4×10 metres is fixed on the facade of the local grocery Jednota – typical socialist type of one-floor groceries in small villages. The first work of art is the work of Juliana Mrvová – Wandering the country (of heart), which creates the mental map, stories connected to this region. She uses natural paints for the painting which will be changed as the changing weather conditions will affect it.

one comment for “Wandering the country (of heart)”

  1. Adam says on27. Jan. 2014:

    Tolko kecov okolo jedneho obrazku…

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