We have so far failed to create a world without complications. New research findings have confirmed the views of those who are opposed to attempts at creating a perfect reality:

Even in a laboratory environment, it has proven impossible to create a trouble-free world within a satisfactory period of time.


Conflict comes in various guises and can take on various different forms. It escalates into a high-pitched emotional and material factor that determines the rhythm of life. It is both stimulating and tiring.The world literally pulsates with complications and problems. The media thirst for drama, and thus bombard us with a constant onslaught of the most horrible events from all over the world. Nobody has the emotional capacity to survive such a carpet-bombing of emotions, and so we build up a shield of apathy that allows us to focus on our own problems, which often feed our entire life. We can no longer exist without them. They justify our worldviews; our body’s memory cells love them. We follow the same patterns again and again. Somewhere in-between, the problem is born and brought into the world.


Problem is here is a laconic warning that the most important problems are those that influence the world around us and that we are capable of solving. The artworks at this exhibition try to call attention to various complications, troubles and difficulties through the language of contemporary art.


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