The installation “Task Dependence of the Effect of Standards on the Perception of a Series of Objects” in the SVIT relates to several different topics. In the forefront, stands Zipp’s interest in research in the area of psychophysics, specifically in the relationship of man to plants. The question is to what extent is it possible to “transfer” human feelings and perceptions to plants, creating a symbiosis with man that is, just like the relationship between man and animals, an inseparable part of life. A video with pigs feeding on biological waste refers to the cycle of exchange in organic elements. The central area of the installation is devoted to the research of various psychological states such as fatigue, fear, melancholy, and their relationships to the origin of emotions and possible psychological disorders. In SVIT, Zipp creates a research laboratory linking temporary projects with artificial plants and musical performances. The photo-collages exhibited originated on the basis of the performance done on November 27, 2013 with students from local art schools.

Zdeněk Felix

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