The ambition of a unique exhibition in a friendly communication between two galleries in the town Lučenec – the Novohradské museum and the Prostor Gallery of contemporary art and platform, is to link twelve creative people from Lučenec and their personal confessions.The aim of the grouping is a public demonstration of their generation which once artistically settled down in Lučenec. But they have all subsequently changed (derivated) in distant towns to come back again and present the fruits of their development at a multigenre exhibition. All authors are thanks to their origin, life, past or future connected with Lučenec and its close environs. Such affiliation with the (micro)region is expressed in exhibited, presented or performed works in evidently new and original point of view. The authors are confronted with their origin, place of their childhood or town where they live and are forced to make compromises on a daily basis. The picturesqueness (we often derogatorilly call bourgeois) made them formerly leave and today it offers a quiet spot, haven, home. The relation between man and his town is a relation full of understanding and a sceptical view at the same time. An open critique, resolved contemplations, fine humour, a sober-minded view on something we all apprehend well but we all sometimes need a new point of view… The world around us. The refreshing spring breeze DERIVATIVES brings such distance.

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  1. Adam says on03. Feb. 2014:

    Sorry, ale ak toto má byť kultúra, radšej ostanem nekultúrnym človekom, strácam všetky ilúzie pri pohľade na túto “intelektuálnu hmotu”- otrepané gýčové výstavné praktiky ktoré si o sebe myslia že keď vyzerajú ako odpadky tak sú niečim výnimočné.

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