Exhibition project One-Minute Novels is the scene to present performative attitudes of Imre Bukta (HU), Ľubomír Ďurček (SK) and Jiří Kovanda (CZ) of 1970s and 80s and to confront them. These artists activates the spectator´s imagination by the photographically recorded civil performance or by the fleeting intervention in urban or rural space. The exhibition space connects their works of art coming from similar cultural, geographical background and points out the moments of common interests, even if they attitudes differ on another plane: Ďurček develops complex conceptual and analytical position; Bukta works with symbolical and ritual plane; Kovanda focuses on direct and non-theoretical action. Apart the formal aspects, such as usage of photography as a conceptual medium, all the artists have one thing in common – revolutionary setting of art into life and certain kind of subtle poetry through which they communicate with contemporary secondary spectators.

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