The themes of general terms “movable image” and “public space” are going to be limited at the conference by the question “How does the environment influence film experience and how does film influence the environment?” Questions related to location do not include only destination but also a broader socio-cultural context from which we may deduce basic aesthetic preconditions, use or potential. The choice of a screen in a certain space ranging from a facade of a building in a town to a solitary piece of architecture in the countryside, a gallery interior, theatre stage or music club significantly influence the cultural, historical and social anchoring of a given project. While “the use” of each such space is liable to a set of strict rules (stated or unstated). We are going to look for an answer to the initial question in the possibilities of “negotiation” between discourses which dominate, resonate, are dying away or are only just beginning to be felt in individual spaces.

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