In the course of a little less than a year, Brno-based painter and performer Václav Stratil and Slovak musician Panáčik would meet in a recording studio. Besides Stratil’s guest performance at Panáčik’s Mrakodrap album and a recording of Stratil’s songwriting production, their sessions also resulted in a 9-minute composition to be introduced in Drdova Gallery. In the composition, Václav Stratil employs the emotionally charged expression of a “patient” whose insistent berating now and then issues in prayer, lunatic soliloquoy or associative language play. At the same time, Stratil’s disrupted meta-paranoid discourse hits the neuralgic points of our culture, entering the forbidden space of knowledge and disparaging the untouchable.

“Peace and quiet fell upon the old continent.”

Jiří Ptáček

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