The international exhibition project We’ll Try It through Space is a lively, partly serious, partly witty selection of various artistic approaches that includes photographs, videos, objects, sound and interactive installations, or even real research equipment. One of the issues the exhibition deals with is the so called “escapism” or the getaway from earthly problems into the seeming safety of the distant universe. The exhibition, however, tries to offer also a different point of view on our life here, on Earth. As several astronauts, who as the only ones had a chance to see the Earth from outer space, have mentioned, the view of our planet from a distance is so fascinating that it can change our perspective on all events in “the anthill down there”. Such distance enables a radical reevaluation of priorities and ridicules a number of problems which individuals and the whole society deal with.

one comment for “We’ll Try It through Space”

  1. Adam says on11. Mar. 2014:

    Perfektný koncept, ešte keby bolo čo vystaviť. Takú výstavku si spravím aj sám.

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