The exhibiting project “Ground plan of variability” thematises the space transformation in relation to institutional frame of the gallery. It complicates the concept of gallery which becomes not only the place of exhibition, but also the place of exposing the phenomena happening out of its “ground plan”.
The motivation is to draw attention of the visitor to the marginalized phenomena happening in the gallery. Our effort is to intensify the sensibility to the exhibits which are not the part of classical exhibition plan, but they contribute to experience from space perception.
The artists participating on the project – Magdaléna Kuchtová, Daniel Dida, Juraj Gábor – work with real objects making part of the gallery. They modify the space and disrupt the traditional scheme of artifact perception by relocating and multiplying the objects. The work of art is replaced by real, trivial and utilitarian objects and through its perception the visitors can redefine the established attitude and behavior in the space of gallery.

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