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School of performance is a part of an extensive project called School of avant-garde which Avdej Ter-Oganjan started in 1995 and which continued until 1998. The first group of students he worked with included students of different ages with non-artistic backgrounds and their cooperation did not last long. The second group included mostly Avdej´s son´s David´s friends who were of more or less the same age. The project was an experimental introduction of inexperienced and naïve teenagers into the world of art. A couple of years later, after Avdej who had been persecuted in Russia received political asylum in the Czech Republic, several students (David Ter-Oganjan, Alexandra Galkina, Piotr Bystrov, Pavel Mikitenko, Ilja Budraitskis and others) founded a group Radek Community which soon became very successful throughout Europe.


Ivars Gravlejs


Avdei Ter-Oganian (born in 1961 in Rostov upon Don) is a Russian artist resident in Prague. In 1980-90 he organized the activities of the group “Art or Death!”. In 1991-93 he worked as a curator in the gallery “V Trechprudnom”. Since 1995 he has been working on the project “School of avant-guarde”. In 1999 he received political asylum in the Czech Repblic after being persecuted in Russia.


Ivars Gravlejs (born 1979 in Riga) is a Latvian artist who has been active in the Czech Republic since his studies at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague in 2000-2007. He worked with Avej Ter-Oganjan on several projects and also shot and edited the video documentary School of avant-garde. In 2013 he was the curator of Ter-Oganjan´s first retrospective exhibition in the Czech Republic in the gallery tranzitdisplay in Prague.


In the Window to the VVP AVU videoarchive programme the AVU Research Center in Prague (VVP AVU) in conjunction with Artyč regularly release works from the VVP AVU video archive. The selection for Artyč focuses on older works (materials from the end of the 20th century), works bordering on video art, film and documentation, or on purely documentary materials related to the recent development of Czech and Slovak visual art.

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