The artist´s interest in the medium of analogue photography, whose „anachronic“ use in the time of digital technologies has become an exclusive matter, refers to the general tendency towards techno-nostalgia which can be added to a broader framework of self-reflecting strategies of contemporary art. However, it would be simplistic to characterize Kopecký´s approach to analogue photography as a fascination by an outdated medium. It is not supposed to mean that new media and technologies recall their own history, define and present their own identity on the basis of cultural memory. Václav Kopecký works with analogue photography as with a “live medium” and he enjoys systematically exploring the possibilities of this medium. The logical gain is also work in a dark-room, or the skills needed to master all technological processes related to developing photographs. Another logical gain is the interest in the semantics of this medium.

Marika Kupková

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