Since the late 1990s Štěpánka Šimlová has significantly contributed to the new ways of media images intervening into fine arts. She did so in an original manner using the sophisticated expressive language of media to reveal the media´s own tendency towards romanticism and pathos and which connected elegant attractiveness with melancholy irony. Fortunately, Štěpánka Šimlová understands well the development of the (not only Czech) art scene from the late 1990s, including its impact on her own work. That is why she has recently turned away from computer work and returned to more imminent, more „artistic“ Already during her exhibition (…) in Karlín Studios (Tisloki, 2006) and (…) her project Vzduch Temže (Air of the Thames) (Huntkastber artworks) she gradually turned away from unambiguous allegories and focused on subliminal perceptions nestling down in our subconsciousness which is always pretty individual. (…)

Pavel Vančát, 7. 1. 09

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