In the electro-acoustic project EEMP Fasciculus Fasciatum David Śmitmajer focuses on a multitrack magnetic soundtape as a carrier influenced by electro-magnetic fields. He does not expose the track in a standard way by moving past a recording head but he tries to capture remanent magnetism, that originated by the distant activity of electromagnetic fields, on an active layer of a tape made of magnetically hard materials. The magnetic tapes are protected in their places during the time of expositon in boxes made of polymethylmethyacrylate which protect them from bad weather or mechanical damage. The sources of magnetic induction which have been so far examined include for example tram engines, the lightning conductor on the Milešovka mountain, neodymium magnets, transformers and laboratory simulated high voltage discharges. The acquired recordings are then further treated by the artist – he analyzes them, transforms them into discrete numeric systems and studies them closely which leads to aesthetisation and further experiments with this unique carrier of the past and the future. While experimenting he often invents and makes devices which are not only purposeful and practical but also fine-looking.

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