1984 – born in Prague, Czech Republic
1990 – first knock-out tooth (fall from tricycle to the road)
1993 – two times knock-out tooth (fall when walking on a paving, and slip on a wet foliage while pushing a concrete block up to the hill)
1996 – two knock-out teeth (fall from a bicycle)
1997 – knock-out tooth by a classmate of dyslexia class during prankish attack by a ping-pong bat
2010 – broke tooth while eating candy

As a graduate of the camera department at FAMU studied Martin Kohout (* 1984) later in Jiří David’s studio at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design and then temporarily settled at the Universität der Künste in Berlin. First in the studio of Alicja Kwade then by Gregor Schneider. He finished his studies at Staedelschule in Frankfurt in the studio of Simon Starling. Very often his work was associated with the Internet and Information technologies, but he doesn’t limit himself so much and his work deals with variety of media.

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