The exhibition Nulla Dies Sine Linea is a part of a project which surveys the place of drawing on today´s art scene. The exhibition presents the work of twenty-one young Czech artists who use drawing within the framework of their postconceptual thinking. Drawing is a classical medium which stood at the birth of art language. Man has always used drawing as an immediate medium for recording since time out of mind. Since antiquity drawing has been considered as a tool for studies, the foundation stone in art education, serving also a criterion for evaluating quality. Drawings also enabled to evaluate the abilities of artists to tackle academic forms, canon of representation. Simultaneously drawing has always served as a tool of intimate, personal art gesture. Drawing partly lost this dichotomous role of a supporting and basic medium with the advent of the rebelious modern, it frees itself and in the second half of the 20th century drawing gains a position of an individual means of expression, an independent, definite art form. Today there is a great number artists for whom drawing is either a fundamental means of expression or represents a parallel path of their work with other media. The exhibition Nulla Dies Sine Linea aims at showing the role of drawing in the work of different artists and its crossovers. There are drawings that crossover into the space of installations, site-specific installations or supplement objects (Petr Dub, Pavla Gajdošíková, Markéta Jáchimová, Matěj Smetana, Jan Pfeiffer), respond through interventions to public space (Libor Novotný) or express a performance gesture (Mira Gáberová, Adéla Součková, Magdalena Stanová). The artists explore the borders of possibilities, formats or drawing means (David Böhm & Jiří Franta, Aneta Bendáková, Nikola Čulík, Michal Drozen, Petra Herotová, Markéta Hlinovská, Dana Sahánková). In contemporary art drawing may also serve just as a documentary means (Miroslav Hašek), or on the other hand in some cases as a slightly obsessive Zen meditation (Jan Nálevka, Daniel Hanzlík). The exhibition also takes into consideration the role of drawing within the framework of electronic media (Matěj Smetana, Jan Pfeiffer, Conrad Armstrong). The exhibition Nulla Dies Sine Linea is a part of the project Postconceptual overcrosses in Czech drawing and a publication on the role of drawing on the Czech art scene in 2000 – 2014 will be published next year. Other exhibitions held this year in Altán Klamovka in Prague are a part of this project.

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