In Hydra, Faramawy’s solo presentation at Cell Projects Space London, screens and skin are texturized as if attempting to negotiate their materiality through incessant, compulsive re-hydration and cleansing routines. By observing the repetitive contact of the performer’s epidermis with over-abundant water and rejuvenating treatments we experience a sensation as alienating as it is pleasurable. While liquids hover on surfaces in jelly-like patterns, the work presents a dichotomy of the idea of well-being promised by advertising strategies and its contradictory physical manifestations in the space highlighted by synthetized audio. Faramawy adapts and plays with consumerist strategies where CGI is symptomatic of the Lacanian lack–our desire is induced by a substance that never really physically existed. The reclamation of these strategies is based on the repetition and the lack of private experience in the gallery: degradation of pixels and choreographed workouts are posed as tropes of this ambiguity. HD format reverses the play–objects of desire offered to us become a point of enclosure as the performer’s cleansing routine is unable to remove the embedded product.

Adham Faramawy recently graduated from The Royal Academy Schools in London. His work explore the relationship between digital technology and the body and its influence on perception. His recently exhibited in ‘Abstract Cabinet’, David Roberts Art Foundation, London, ‘Diamond Dust- A shifting grammar of originality’, Circa Projects at Edinburgh Arts Festival and ‘Open Heart Surgery’ at The Moving Museum, London. He was selected for ‘Bloomberg New Contemporaries’, London and had work screened as part of ‘Flatness: Cinema After the Internet’, Oberhausen Film Festival, curated by Shama Khanna and Anthea Hamilton .In 2014 his work will be included in ‘Pre-pop to Post-human: Collage in the Digital Age’, Hayward Touring, UK.

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