The author graduated from University of Fine Arts in Bratislava, where she studied first the photography (Department of Photography and New Media) and later she proceeded to the studio of wider range of media work +-XXI of Daniel Fischer. Zuzana Kmeťová works with clear and minimalistic visual language in photographic sets. There is a strong subject matter in the prominence of her work interpreted by an expressive author´s gesture. The motives of these sets are not based on complex subjects, but rather on very trivial situations and facts seen with a striking moment making it exceptional. She focused on the moment and conveys it to the spectator. In the master´s theses Home or a Naïve Melody she deals with the problem of memory. She returns to very subtle and ephemeral past experiences through various shots. These are banal moments which usually do not appear on family photographs. She calls for the silent participation of spectators by the form of photography and object which make them realize their own banal moments, facts of the past. Similarly to other author´s sets, these are little personal stories “mostly meaningless, intuitive, but at the same essential for my searching”.

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