The medium of an exhibition is in fact an enclosed space, a space whose boundaries are determined by formal, ideological or historical starting points, or the spacial possibilities of the given exhibition. The aim of artists is to overcome these barriers, to surpass the boundaries of an exhibition room or other places, the boundaries of a time period which is devoted to a project. The beginning can be retrospectively determined by the entrance to the exhibition room or the ticket office. The boundaries of the end are often unclear, or should not be given by the moment we nod our head to say good bye to the last guard in the gallery. How can we distinguish the end and beginning of what is new, of what follows? And how can this be done at a given moment and not only retrospectively.
The beginning of the end and a new beginning can be captured in doubts, in the aim to turn things over in our minds, analyze and reconstruct in order to search for a new heart of the matter, what makes the structure meaningful and what makes it stabile in the long run. This applies to the work of Radek Brousil whose line is photography. The means commonly used in the process of taking photographs find their way into the viewfinder of the camera. This way Brousil draws attention not only to aspects of exhaustion of a medium but simultaneously he seeks through a metaphor of the tripod its new stability, its new starting points and options.
While the „construction work“ of Radek Brousil refers to the introspective nature of artistic expression, to the need of contemporary art to grasp and redifine itself, the work of Jan Pfeiffer focuses mainly on social-political aspects. The symbol of a foundation stone – the key element of construction – refers to the process of gradual, up-to-day search for stabilizing elements which determine the stability of bonds, aiming at new, following systém entity and alternative social starting points.
The exhibition „Construction work“ is a dialogue between two artists, a dialogue about art, about possibilities of our contemporary world and being. Construction work is a deconstruction and simultaneously a shell of a building of art and social perspectives and an open space for time-unlimited beginnings.

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