The exhibition represents searching for the intersection between two stories: religious Christian myth and visual art in the period 2000 – 2012. The exhibition consists of two parts, which are loosely interconnected. The first section was made in cooperation with twelve authors of young generation. The presented works of art were made as a result of creative task to make so-called today´s altar. The idea of making altars is inspired by the work of Stanislav Filka (1937), who realized the series of works titled Today´s Altars. The second section is aimed at a survey of works of fine art, which opens a dialogue with Christian religion throught its iconography, symbols, religious metaphors or debate on relationships between the church and politics. The works of art of selected authors are classified into the four independent units: The Saint – The Saints, Jesus in Disneyland, The Other View and The Heritafe of the Past.

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