Unveilling of a statue is a sculptural project for the town of Třeboň dealing with art in public space and how it is perceived by the public.

The context and history of the place surrounding the plinth in the park where the statue of the Guardian Angel used to stand is a task for a free interpretation of the original statue. All the planned realizations deal in a specific way with the term of sculpture and work in public space which often turns out to be a difficult task. The aim of the project is to enable students and young artists to gain experience with this type of work. The project also aims at creating a platform for new works of art and aims at supporting young artists.

Last year the first part of the experimental project took place, during which Matouš Lipus created a visual study for this year´s realizations. In the course of the next few years a statue should be selected and placed on the plinth to replace the original one.

The first of the short-term realizations (aritsts: Anna Hulačová and Václav Litvan) originated during the Anifilm. The next realization is planned for autumn 2014.

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