Vanessa Place is one of the leading figures of contemporary American conceptualist poetry. The Boston Review called Vanessa Place “the spokesperson for the new cynical avant-garde,” the Huffington Post characterized her work as “ethically odious,” while philosopher and critic Avital Ronell said she is “a leading voice in contemporary thought.” Vanessa Place was the first poet to perform as part of the Whitney Biennial; a content advisory was posted. Exhibition work has appeared in Los Angeles, Denver, Boulder, Toronto, East Lansing and New York. Selected recent performances have taken place in New York, Detroit, St. Petersburg, Cologne, London, Paris and San Francisco. Her books include the trilogy Tragodía, the novel La Medusa and the theoretical treatise Notes on Conceptualisms (together with Robert Fitterman). Place also works as a critic and criminal defense attorney, and is CEO of VanessaPlace Inc, the world’s first poetry corporation. The motto of her talk is „It’s not the point, it’s the platform.“

Lecture is organised as part of Prague Microfestival

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