The point of departure for Portuguese artist Nuno da Luz is the medium of sound, and the possibilities it offers within the frame of constructing or intervening in a particular spatial temporality or narrative. In his sound installations that form the core of his practice, the artist applies two different strategies of using sound. The first strategy builds up on the use of ambient sound related to a particular event, i.e. is a recording from a real situation, which is than transferred into an artificial space of a gallery, and by the means of installation, mediated to the spectator. The later, builds up on the possibilities of chance, and a direct interaction of the interior of a gallery (exhibition space) with its exterior. The second of two is a direct or mediated transference of sound from the immediate surrounding of the space, and can thus be understood as a clash, or intertwining of two opposing worlds; the world of a artificial gallery space, and the living world of unpredictable events, that surrounds it.

Another important aspect of the artists installation based handling of sound, is the creation of a possibility of its physical experience – the possibility of perceiving sound also by means of other senses, as well as creating sound up on the basis of influencing other parts of the sensual apparatus. Even though the work of Nuno da Luz should not be understood as interactive, participatory or purely performative, the physical presence and sensual experience of the spectator is vital. The work of Nuno da Luz is a process of suggested relations, which determine the inevitable relation of the body (of an individual and group) towards its surrounding, and the interconnection of the exterior up on the functioning of the individual and the collective.

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