Portuguese artist and winner of the last EDP prize for young artists can hardly be categorized within the domain of the rational; her practice is neither a materialisation nor parallel of an enclosed thought/idea, a previously defined narrative or the result of research. The work of Ana Santos is predominantly derived from the nature and formal characteristics of a selected object, and the aspect of chance, which enables the object to cross paths with the constantly searching eye of the artist, thus becoming the starting point of a process, which is rooted in combining, mixing and merging of different materials, shapes forms, and also other objects.

Accumulation of materials is a natural and integral part of the practice of Ana Santos, as is the concentrated, frequently almost meditative work with these objects in the space of her studio, and later in the space of an exhibition. Frequently intimate and inconspicuous objects that are characteristic for the practice of the artists, frequently only reach their culmination point in the space of the exhibition. Only here Santos begins the construction of unexpected resonance and meaning between pre-selected works. Similarly to her studio practice, which is based namely on the production of individual objects, also in the case of her installations we can find chance, intuition and the possibilities of endless combinations to be an important aspect in her working process. Santos frequently deals with time consuming compositions, the result of which is almost strictly related to the nature of a given space. It is a series of small and well-thought steps that make the work of Ana Santos unique, but simultaneously allow it to be part of a continuous transformation. After all it is not the question of a point of view, but namely the question of composition.

Markéta Stará

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