The non-commercial artist-run gallery Berlinskej Model (Berlin Model) was established in September 2011 by Richard Bakeš, Daniel Vlček and Matouš Mědílek and currently is directed by Richard Bakeš and Linda Mikolášková. The exhibitions took place in what was originally a small business space of 22,5 square metres, later it has expanded to a second room to current 49,5 square metres. The original impetus for the choice of this space was the unique social and geographic context as well as a parallel to similar galleries concentrated in Berlin quarter Mitte with their focus on progressive and intelligent culture of fine arts. Gallery program originally started off with one-day exhibitions wih weekly regularity. Currently the program consists of usually four exhibitions per month that last several days with the opening still playing a significant role as the artists do not only present their work but also has to prepare refreshments. Fine arts, music and gastronomy are understood here as complementary disciplines.

The dramaturgy of the gallery focuses on contemporary Czech and foreign art. It presents mainly the young and the youngest artists as well as established authors across the media. Emphasis is on the site-specific projects created directly for the atypical space of Berlinskej Model. In addition to showcasing fine art the gallery participates in the event “We are open”, when the opening hours of the gallery is synchronised with other significant events in the area (gallery evenings in Prague 7). Another activity of Berlinskej Model is publication of culture newspaper “Rajon, art not only in your neighbourhood” which is co-authored with galleries Laboratorio and M.odla.

Since its inception, the gallery actively cooperates with partners from abroad. In collaboration with Austrian Cultural Forum in Prague and music label Baba Vanga it organized a series of concerts, most notably of the projects Nachtbote and Thunderdrone. In autumn of 2013 a partner exhibition of artists in residence took place in cooperation with Neurotitan gallery in Berlin and a parallel exhibition of Czech artists in Berlin.

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