Another exhibition from the series Drawings in Altán Klamovka presents the drawings by Markéta Hlinovská who studied graphics under Jiří Lindovský at the Academy of Arts in Prague and graduated in 2008. What is typical of her work is her concern for the transformation of reality into contentual signs and simplified forms of expression.
In her current work we may find issues related to existencionalism. How does our environment influence us? How can we eventually tell the difference between what we want and what or who influences us? This is what the artist symbolically interprets through the penetration of the world of animals into the world of people with the help of personified animals. Her work has recently shifted from a general level to a personal one. Therefore it is the artist´s really intimate message but her forms of expression remain on the level of fragments of the objective world. This is what Markéta Hlinovská masters so well. Let us mention for example her exhibition entitled „Warmer“ from the series Start up in the Gallery at the Golden Ring in Prague in 2010 or her presentation Underground in Gallery Vernon in Prague in 2009 where she used stencils which are characteristic of street art. By bringing this graphic technique into a gallery – from the outside into the inside she shows other contentual levels of her work. A stencil is a tool enabling a pictorial materialization of things we miss or we long for. The exhibition was organized in cooperation with Nikola Čulík in connection with the project Action Galleries which explores the borders of the profession of a curator and an artist. Čulík´s cooperation was based on an independent commentary of my work as a curator as well as the valuation of the artist´s work.

Lenka Sýkorová

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