The group show thematizes what we would call geopolitical fantasies sprang into existence by artistic projects primarily from the CEE region, bringing under close scrutiny the historical relation of natural space and communities (society). The clandestine or explicitly expressive moral, ideological and political agenda of the territorial references settled on the view or terrain by power structures is problematized by the works exhibited. Thus revealing “the black side of the landscape”, the “hard facts” behind the once aesthetically or ideally conceived image of the living space.
The landscape under the abstracted agit propaganda of identity politics is constituted as a medium rather than an artistic genre, better as a communicational platform for nation strategy than just a plain view for resting the eye on. It serves a telling ground for showing ideology in practice, with modelling the working process how ideology shows up a masterpiece of social construction as if being inalterable, eternal and innocent as Nature itself. Ontologically speaking, with the introduction of the political in the very bourgeois concept of landscape design, the contemplative nature is bedimmed by the interpretative body of codes of a new geography.

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