The exhibition space Pavilion was founded in 2008 from the initiative of Jan Pfeiffer and Pavel Sterec, then students of the Academy of Fine Arts. It acquired its name from Pavilion of Vinohrady, where in one of the empty shops along with Aleš Čermák first exhibition activities of these artists took place in 2007. Pavilion is currently located in the Malá strana quarter near the Charles Bridge. The space originally served as a stable and later as a shed. “The limited space seemed convenient to us in contrast with the large school gallery GAVU. We wished to create a place where students – not only from AVU – can try out collaborating with curators,” said Sterec with Pfeiffer. Thus the space became an external exhibiting venue under the auspices of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. Because of the small size of the exhibition space it has primarily been used for solo projects. Throughout more than three years of its operation it has brought twenty-four monthly exhibitions in wide variety of formats and media. Tomáš Vaněk took up patronage of Pavilion gallery in 2011 and its programme underwent a significant transformation. The concept of so-called “Situations” has began in February 2011. It is a series of one-evening events during which individual artists, artistic groups or theorists and curators are invited to create short setups composed of gestures that can be anywhere in the line from site specific installation to performance. Situations do not have names, but only bear numbers. An integral part of each situation is its documentation which is published on the Pavilion Gallery website afterwards. It is up to the authors to decide the means of documenting and archiving their situations. In the process of archiving a database of various strategies and approaches in the given set of constraints is also created. The situations are not limited to date or time and they may be held at different intervals. Duration of the Situation programme is also open.

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