The exhibition plan of the gallery Prokopka is aimed at presenting works by young and middle-aged artists, ranging from paintings, photographs to sculpture and new media. The next artist to display his work is Ladislav Vondrák (born in 1975) who studied photography at the Academy of Arts, Design and Architecture in Prague. He focuses on video art, performance art and installations, his videos are often accompanied by performances, in which he usually deals with his own experience. He sometimes turns to social topics and presents them in a provocative manner. In his project „Aftertaste“ Galerie Artwall (2012) he wanted to express how disgusted he was by contemporary Czech politics.
Within the project „Allegory of bird´s death“ he installed a large-scale painting in the gallery with features of action painting, which was linked with a performance in collaboration with Rudolf Skopec during the opening of the exhibition.

„Alegory of bird´s death“ Called up despite all anxiety. Called up to breathtaking things. Fall. Inertia. All one can do is to pull by the legs and prove that it was possible. It had to be possible. Despite all anxiety, called up.

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