The economic crisis of the previous few years has not only placed a stigma on global markets, but has also greatly affected our cultural environment. A breach of trust and a feeling of doom has surrounded moral portrayed towards extant systems. The group exhibition, entitled Terra Nova is based on the study of this crisis, whilst its main organizing power is the notion of a utopia, a concept of rising prominance in the arts. Utopia, if the context of the exhibited work is considered, has become a paradox term of such inner needs, where new space (terra nova) is created in a deadlock position, when we are not able to point out a viable road. Personal strategies for seeking loopholes can be perceived in the works of the participating artists, which also trigger new, arising questions. What is the nature of the power possessing such a reign, that if freed from, an individual is able to imagine and execute new possibilities? Is there a reason to restart, or to build new strategies? Can de facto moral choices be discussed, during the search of new alternatives? How deep is the ignorant behavior and passivity rooted in our culture, which creates an obstacle against both the opposition of power, as well as the founding of a new paradigm.

Most of the exhibited work was created for this exhibition, or has not yet been shown to domestic audience. The exhibition is executed in the spaces of the Gólya Communal House and the Co-operative Presso. The location, with its communal character and the role undertaken by the 8th district, provides a suitable space to study the notion of a utopia and to house a critical dialogue of power.

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