Polish artist, Paweł Althamer (1967) undertook a task to disenchant ideologically burdened space of the square Námestie slobody in Bratislava through pure children energy. He decided to create a spacious sandpit out of non-functioning fountain Družba. The purpose of this project is an encounter and communication link among school and pre-school kids via playing with sand, drawing and a collective reading of the book Little King Martin I. by Janusz Korczak.
The reunion should be a celebration of children and adults and should evoke relaxed atmosphere of a freedom at the square. Althamer’s vision inspired by the book Little King Martin I., is that adults become “servants” of children.
Paweł Althamer event brings new dimension of art in the public space to Bratislava and at the same time draws passers-by to participate to play with kids. The project Námestie slobody is the first one that the civil association Verejný podstavec is organizing within a wider-ranging project “Dočasná autonómna zóna umenia” (Temporary autonomous art zone) – “BOD 0” (ZERO POINT).

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