The exhibition project The Level of Doubt for the Nitra Gallery is a site-specific project and takes into consideration the nature of the exhibition space. The premises of the Youth Gallery include also a staircase – an unusual exhibition space that turns into a central challenge to appropriate, interpret and evoke the elementary qualities of space.
The motivation and inspiration for the exhibition is to analyze the perception of space, to disclose the meaning of genius loci not only as related to the visual environment but also to its holistic perception as related to physical movement. The architectural space is usually understood in terms of visual syntax but can be also understood as a sequence, the place of presentation of human condition and human encounters.
Two artists were invited to participate in the exhibition: Lucie Mičíková (1986) and Juraj Gábor (1985) for their long-term interest in spatial relations and physical dimensions of an experience. They often transform these into diverse media outputs: drawing, performance, site-specific installation or video. Lucie Mičíková works often with architectural principles and transposes them into smaller, more fragile forms of drawing or installation. Her spontaneity and playful improvisation with assemblage material is balanced by the concentrated working method based on time-collected material used by Juraj Gábor. Recently Gábor takes analytical drawing as a point of departure for his work and examines its possible transpositions into spatial relations. The contradictory methodology used by both artists is selected on purpose as a way to explore the complexity of possibilities to comment visually on architectural prerequisites of a space.

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