Although Michal Pěchouček´s work is in fact very traditional, it has recently acquired quite new and original forms. He began as a graphic artist and is known for his remarkable and technically brilliant coloured linocuts. At present he is active as a curator, teacher and he also devotes himself to theatre and trips.

In the series of thirteen audio-interviews recorded during the autumn 2013 Johana Švarcová spoke to artists who use in different ways „the non-visual element“ – sound. For some of the artists that she addressed, working with sound, sound art, development of instruments (hardwre and software), radio art or sound installations have become their major field of interest. Other artists deal with sound or sound track (e.g. video) in their own specific ways.

one comment for “Interviews about sound 05 – Michal Pěchouček”

  1. Anča Daučíková says on17. Sep. 2014:

    Michale, fakt si mne dostal, Uz i Lev Nikolajevič Tolstoj na to upozorňoval, city lidské jsou nevyzpytatelné.

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