The exhibition presents works of young Slovak media artists that deal with the topic of waste. They understand that waste and its production are naturally bound to humankind fuelled by the constant necessity to produce new things. The artists use the topic of waste to ask some burning questions of how contemporary society works, also focus on problems that are linked with the main topic only marginally. They understand material and also digital, i.e. virtual, waste not only as a tool to create their works but as the source of inspiration bringing up new topics and finding new ways of expression. The use of waste in diverse human situations thus provides the artists with the opportunity to experiment creatively with additional social and critical values. It comes to full circle as a problem of the environment burdened by waste. At present it is more than topical to recycle; ideas, thoughts and also material products and thus to create things that are more up-to-date, more convincing and in the end also (seemingly) more useful.

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