Who is the woman in the picture? What do her gestures say? What are her daughters thinking about? Where do all the things that surround her come from? Why is she wearing brown clothes? Why was this painting painted? And where is her husband?…

Nine students worked together over the period of a semester in the Šaloun´s Studio under the guidance of the internationally acknowledged curator Ruth Noack. Many questions were asked and even very basic questions. What are we aiming at? With what kind of means? What can we do to understand each other? What sense does it make? …. The result of their pursuit is presented in a heterogeneous exhibition with an impressive installation which – from the starting point represented by the portrait by Hynais – develops a sophisticated net of mutual relationships and associations and links the historically relatively remote painting with contemporary works of art. A number of different topics arises – such as the topic of identity, gender, the relation of an individual towards society, the borders between private and public, the relation of man towards things he is surrounded by. The aim of the exhibition is not to give an objective explanation of certain phenomena but to offer a multi-layered reading and through the medium of the unique constellation of art works to convey not only new interpretation of the works but also to have a new look at ourselves as viewers and interpreters.

Participating students:
Tereza Jindrová, Lenka Kerdová, Martin Kolarov, David Přílučík, Lucie Rosenfeldová, Barbora Švehláková, Ondřej Vicena, Jiří Žák

Together with Ruth Noack and Radim Labuda

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