Peter Fabo (1983) has conceived his exhibition “Contact through a Contact Print” as an installation connecting several different approaches and media to form a complex whole. His intention was to set a series of photographs in exhibition premises so that the spatial and light aspects of the place and the composition of the photographs come in contact and interconnection. He has achieved this by accepting and taking advantage of the current situational conditions of the exhibition premises which reflect in the presentation of the visual material.
The Entrance Gallery is located in a renovated Baroque orangery – a simple building with a row of windows facing the south, which means that when the sun is low above the horizon the window frames reflect on the opposite wall and influence the visual atmosphere of the entire space. Peter Fabo, who works as an assistant at the Studio of Photography at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, of course noticed this naturally photographic situation and decided to take advantage of it in order to create another visually significant level that would change and contextualise the fundamental level of the exhibition – the series of photographs dividing the main wall.
The arrangement of the pictorial material on the wall forms an independent visual installation. The photographs the same as their individual constituents thematise specifically photographic procedures – i.e. both traditional and experimental photography techniques. However, the research of this media is not a mere technical exercise, but helps to develop thoughts about the nature of a photographic image – particularly with regard to the possibilities of conceptualization of „realist“ photographic representation. Photographs of objects and art compositions simultaneously become their visual interpretations.

Visually interpretative procedures continue through work with the light conditions of the place. Natural light that comes in through the windows is used as another active component. The window panes are altered in different ways – e. g. covered or modified by stencils – so that they project another geometrical structure onto the displayed works and depending on the movement of the Sun changes the primary pictorial composition.

In this installation Peter Fabo plays a double role – as a photographer and conceptual minimalistic artist. Moreover, he can promote this conceptual, yet very sensual level of his work to a higher level, since the entire installation with „the projection of natural light“ is in fact a spatial metaphotographical situation.

Kamil Nábělek

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