The exhibition entitled ‘Variabilita Turba’ by Svätopluk Mikyta hints at the ways in which the artist thinks visually during the process of confrontation of outer and inner images. He reinterprets old aesthetics, former representations and their evolutionary continuity set in the context of the unceasing history of art and culture in order to create neologies and new images.
Mikyta experiments with intervention approaches onto found vintage prints in the long term out of his initial graphic position. In the context of his current exhibition he conceptualized new series of monotypes and monochromes as sophisticated pictorial databases of shapes. Horizontal and vertical image expands to the space and by increasing layering relief of reprints or monochromatic compositions it creates overlapping levels of meanings. Seemingly dissociated images, however, are not isolated semantic systems; they build new and unpredictable dynamics in their mutual communication. This function is close to the model of human visual memory, or memory per se which is said to be based on some sort of circuits or loops which we always disturb if we add something else.

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