In his show, Bread and Games, Marián Grolmus focuses especially on the games that – boldly and frankly – serve as a maneuver concealing military operations or masking a regime that ignores human rights, but we all watch them anyway. During the London Olympics there were reports made public about the volume of military technology deployed in order to “protect” the sport areas, notwithstanding the fact that in any potential case of its use, this technology would harm first and foremost the civilians. But we don’t have to seek examples as far as in Beijing, London or Sochi. The idea to organize Winter Olympics in High Tatras keeps coming back regularly every time, when there is a need to create a political distraction. And a nation can still more easily identify with a sportsman, be it a hero on a bicycle, or a bunch of agile youth on ice and on a lawn.
Meanwhile the propaganda mutates, adapts, it is stylized, shining even, but the enemy stays the same. Maybe it’s now closer than we are willing to admit.

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