The first stop of the accompanying programme of the Jindřich Chalupecký Award 555 in Prague presents the work by Richard Loskot. The artist will introduce his new project in the Planetarium in Stromovka Park and in the evening in the cinema Bio Oko he will show a film collage made up of his own sources of inspiration.

The Influence of the Invisible
In a unique projection the viewer will witness the inspirational diary of Richard Loskot. Four days and four nights encapsulated into a thirty­ minute projection onto the surface of the cupola of the Prague Planetarium with the sounds of a DJ set by Johana Švarcová in the background. The accelerated movement of the stars and the Sun merges with the informal record of Richard ́s inner and outer, as well as interplanetary life. After the projection an outdoor workshop will take place in Stromovka Park where you can make your own imprint of the Sun.

In the projection entitled My eye Richard Loskot introduced his artwork and his sources of inspiration in a film collage.

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