The fifth and last stop of the Jindřich Chalupecký Award accompanying programme 555 took place in Pilsen introducing the work of Roman Štětina who presented his new project in front of the building of the Czech radio in the afternoon and in the evening he showed a sound collage consisting of his sources of inspiration in Měšťanská beseda.

Roman Štětina´s new project is entitled Left-right. The event. Took place in the square náměstí Míru where a live broadcast of the Czech radio „was simultaneously translated“ by a professional interpreter. The listeners could enter the building of the radio and visit the stereo auditorium where they were awaited by the artist and his project. The contact between the interior of the historical building of the Czech radio and the surrounding park resulted in a unique sound and visual interconnection.

The evening programme took place in the cinema Měšťanská beseda in Kopeckého sady and was called „Where red means everything except the state“. In a unique audio-montage the visitors became acquainted with Roman Štětina´s source of inspiration.

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