One of the differences between film and video art is that of presentation. Film is generally a collective audience experience of one performance screening with set beginning and end, while video art is mostly one-to-one experience in the context of an art gallery where the piece of video art runs continuously in a loop and the viewer can watch the presentation as long as he/she wants.
The repeated viewing can give rise to sense of recursion and in the case of sympathetic viewing it does not take long before a good work of art begins to reveal its magic, not unlike the repetition of the famous Fibonacci sequence, which does not take long before it reaches the rather exact aproximation of satisfying proportions of the magic Golden Ratio number 1.618…
The exhibition is also an attempt to explore the current art practice as well as tradition in terms of film. The relationship between fine art and film is well-established discourse generally and historically it has played important role in development of art and cinema.

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