The fourth stop of the Jindřich Chalupecký Award accompanying project 555 took place in Ostrava where Lucia Sceranková, who lives and works in Prague and London, presented her work. She studied in the studio of Vladimír Skrepl at the Academy of Arts in Prague. At present she concentrates on photography, she is interested in the relation of the photographic image to reality, the ability of our visual reflection of reality and possibilities of influencing one another. She takes photos of imaginary sceneries and intentionally created or found situations. She transforms reality manually, without digital interventions. She is interested in working with illusion and the influence of subtle manipulation on the further function of image and its association potential.

The new project which Lucia Sceranková introduced in Ostrava is entitled Postcards and took place in the tower of the New Townhall in Prokešovo náměstí. It is a paraphrase of the French theorist Roland Barthes – the photograph is not a frame but a hideaway. The installation returned to the play with the fundamentals of technical depiction and the principle of photographs. Common objects have changed into optical apparatuses. Visitors were thus encountered with live models of views.

In the evening the programme continued in the Minicinema in Kostelní street, where Lucia Sceranková prepared a presentation of her work called The Sun in the Showcase and other things.

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