“I express myself in various media, but above all by objects, installations and animations. There are accounts of the laws of physics, of the possibility to realize things and ideas, which often project themselves into my artworks. Right now I focus on potential interrelation between film or animation procedures and various strands of human activity. I deal with media transcription, creation and effect of a symbol and with the blurred borderline between human activity and artwork. I am not entirely interested in treating the artwork like a tool (be it a tool of political change or of something else). I believe, that for an artwork it is neither too functional, nor valid in the long run, nor very dignifying. It seems to me, that the power of art lies in much more fundamental and enjoyable reasons.”

Matěj Smetana (born 1980, Praha, CZ)
A graduate of the Studio of Intermedia and the Studio of Painting 3 at the Faculty of Fine arts VUT in Brno and of doctoral studies in the Studio of Intermedia II. under the supervision of Jiří Příhoda at AVU in Prague. Matěj Smetana works as an assistant in the Department of Intermedia and Multimedia at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. He lives and works in Prague, in Vrané nad Vltavou and in Bratislava.

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