Zbyněk Baladrán is an important figure in his generation. In 2001 he established the gallery Display, he has been the finalist of the Jindřich Chalupecký Award several times and in 2004 he was nominated for the Czech Republic for the Manifest Prize. Since 2002 Baladrán has been concerned with video art. Since 2004 he has paid more attention to written commentaries in his films which he evidently edits and thus some of its parts remain concealed to the viewer.

In the series of thirteen audio-interviews recorded during the autumn 2013 Johana Švarcová spoke to artists who use in different ways „the non-visual element“ – sound. For some of the artists that she addressed, working with sound, sound art, development of instruments (hardware and software), radio art or sound installations have become their major field of interest. Other artists deal with sound or sound track (e.g. video) in their own specific ways.

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