Department of Visual Arts and Intermedia
Department with the curriculum Free Visual Art was based together with the faculty foundation in 1998 in the contrast to the Department of Design and Architecture, and it was based on free educational program and structure. It can be easily seen also in the names of first three ateliers – Atelier of 3D Free Creativity (prof. J. Bartusz), Atelier of Contemporary Picture (doc. A. Szentpétery) and Atelier of Graphics and Experimental Artwork (akad.mal. Z. Prokop, neskôr prof. R. Sikora a dnes prof. P. Rónai). In 2004 new Atelier of New Media was founded (host. prof. A. Tretter, dnes doc. M. Murín) and since 2010 in the framework of the atelier new branch Photography (doc. R. Prekop a prof. Ľ. Stacho) was established.

The effort to establish artistic univesity in Košice was inspired by artistic community based on historical backround of Košice as a artistic centre in the period between two wars. Ideological bases of the Department with non-orthodox pedagogical methods focused on intermedial approach were based by long-term head of the department prof. Juraj Bartusz, who has played decisive role in the process of Faculty of Art foundation. Professor Bartusz assembled a small circle of visual artists living in the eastern part of the country at that time. Professor Rudolf Sikora also strongly influenced department and contributed to the foundation of the Department of History and Art Theory, same as doc. Adam Szenpétery, who took charge of the head of the department after professor Bartusz.

Up to this time last significant person of the department is professor Peter Ronai being in charge of the direction. We may mention some names of assistents, which had a great influence mainly on first two graduate years: Dušan Záhoranský Erik Binder, Marko Blažo, Tomáš Blonský, same as theoretical expert Vladimír Beskid. These positions were followed by fist graduates such as Boris Vaitovič, Ján Vasilko, Eva Moflárová and Radovan Čerevka.
First years of Department of Visual Art operation which may be described as enthusiastic and creative, improvisation and experiment, we could also title initiative period, when the department has gained respect among academics and experts and has gone through multiple increase in the number of candidates for the study. Despite the increased interest philosophy of the department is grounded in preserving the individual pedagogical approach in all the ateliers, hence in preserving small students collectives.
This is one of the reasons why the Department of Visual Arts belongs to respected artistic and pedagogical workplaces special for its atmosphere.

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