“In my current work I am trying to elaborate on the theme of an unceasing need and (paradoxically dysfunctional) endeavor of man to preserve memory and its meaning by various monuments. As suggested by Robert Musil in his 1927 essay ‘Monuments’ – durability and permanence of a monument is not the necessary and ideal solution to the problem of forgetting. Permanence can lead to a ‘calcification of memory,’ and thus become the first step in forgetting. Monuments are places, which by virtue of their form, grandiosity
and realization, impose on us the time to think. In my objects, photography or interventions I strive for a different way to interpret the concept of monument – unstable, ambiguous, producing new associations. Thus I create ‘unstable objects – models of monuments’ in a material form determined solely by physical laws like magnetism or various electrical mechanisms.”

Jaroslav Kyša is a graduate of the Studio of Free Creativity under the supervision of prof. Juraj Bartusz, academic sculptor, at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Technical University in Košice. Together with other graduates of the Department of Fine Arts and Intermedia FUTU in Košice he has founded a non-profit organization Make Up Collective and he is also the founder and active member of the London art platform Mor ho! Collective. Since 2012 he lives and works in London.

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