VH: What gives you a self-control and self-censorship when writing?
BO: Rhythm, timing, metrics, consistency, communicativeness, security, inner critique. I am not a type of autistic artist, my space is situated somewhere between private and public, in that wall, in that glass of the window. I spend the same amount of time with what I say as with how you hear it and I am getting lost there often, or trapped by being “bricked in.” I need a rite (stereotype) to be able to come back from the multipolar normality of the world of poetry to the dichotomic normativity of an ordinary life. To write down differs radically from having a thought. The written down is critical. My texts are not introspective; I use myself as an example. I offer my texts to the surrounding world.

VH: Should you write an autobiography, what would it be?
BO: A list of what I have ever been and what I am from my point of view versus a list of what I have ever been and what I am from a point of view of others, just like the Scheissliche Ostblocker. Again, it is the “I.”

(From an interview with Boris Ondreička by Vít Havránek.)

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