m.odla is a showcase in the corridor of a house near the square Strossmayerovo náměstí in Prague Holešovice. It originated as an initiative connected with the preservation of original architectural features of the house built in 1939 by architect Evžen Rosenberg in the Functionalist style. In the beginning there was just one showcase and now there are two locked glass display cases on the ground floor, right opposite the entrance and every day all the people who live in the house have to pass them. The original idea was to use the show case as a decorative feature of the corridor of the house (similarly as the decorations in the corridors of blocks of flats), but gradually regular exhibition openings started to take place and are attended not only by the art-loving public but also by residents of the house in Antonínská Street no. 6. Contemporary young Czech artists – e.g. Jiří Thýn, Markéta Kinterová or Adéla Svobodová exhibited their work there. The project is known already abroad and has hosted several foreign artists. Sometimes the residents of the house participate in the project – for instance MUDr. Oldřich Pražan (6th floor) or Petr Robětín (ground flooor). Occasionally during the opening of an exhibition in the gallery m.odla a cultural event takes place in one of the flats of the house – e.g. a video project of the above mentioned Oldřich Pražan from the 6th floor.
Since the year 2012 every June an open-air gathering takes place in the courtyard which aims at attracting the attention of a wider public (mostly successfully thanks to loud music).
This year the gallery has celebrated its 7th anniversary and has hosted about 36 exhibitions. A part of the gallery´s activities is a project entitled A.I.R. Antonínská which enables artists (two foreign artists have already participated) to stay in a small room in the house and present their work in the entire house and its surroundings in cooperation with the residents.

Daniela Deutelbaum

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