When Janek Rous asked me to choose three videos for the Artyčok gallery, I thought I had four options. The first one was the most surprising, since in a country where an artist is expected to be modest rather than eager, I thought I would choose three examples of my own work. The other option was to select works of foreign artists, if possible works of unknown artists.The third option was to concentrate on well-established Czech or Czechoslovak production – works of well-known artists or familiar artists. Finally, I decided to go for the last option, making use of my present position of an art teacher, and so I decided to introduce works of our students from the Video studio. I hope the videos do not show any traces of my influence and I believe this will remain true also in the future.

Thank you for your attention.

Martin Zet

01 gliesefirstarthigh

We believe
that the real, genuine things are born on the web without being influenced by anyone, any institution or capital, and grow up in seclusion and then branch out appearing in a gorgeous, vital, young form. All of us try to become a part of this energy, we drink from this source. You also seem to be drinking from that source, although you won´t admit it. You create art that someone already created many decades ago, you try to succeed in the world of people whose source dried out ages ago. Wake up! Spoke one of the characters of an online series based on internet aesthetics and ideals.

02 Triptych

The meeting of three personalities and three talents in fact took place separately. This coincidence, which was interconnected in terms of time, gave rise to a real and bizarre connection in one narrow place.
‘Triptych’ as an homage to friendship and coincidence.

03 Snail

The needs of consumption increasingly shorten the time needed for their satisfaction. There is hardly anything worse than waiting for clearance, transport, reply, reward. Impatience strongly influences experience and perception. The speed, at which the consumed vanishes and the impatience seem to be the main features of the expiration date, time of consumption. As if life was ruled by laws of precipitancy. As if slowness was becoming a quality which guarantees that things do not go off and shall not be attacked by the virus of worthlessness. However, only few things resist the omnipresent mechanisms of speed. To be always ready fast has become the principal criterion of our time. Everything has to be done immediately, at the drop of a hat, everything has to be prepared, pre-prepared, packed, pre-chewed in order to be digested and excreted fast. The requirement for flushability, spreadability, erasability, re-writability and variability becomes important especially when we lack them. Nothing must be irrevocable and irreversible. People feel that things should require some kind of digital quality of reconstructability. Things should be able to regain their original form if something breaks, stops working or goes wrong. The customer expects the material which he uses to mold his life to be soft and flexile. Everything is just a game which can be started over again with a clean record. Such expectations may lead to disappointment. Reality resists such an approach, there is always something that counteracts and resists requirements for re-writablitity, e.g. human relationships. Requirements for softness face difficulties whenever the decisive factor is memory. That is why we value so much innocence, energy of youth, ignorance and oblivion, which are a precondition for a smooth and fast consumption of oneself.
The slow movement of a snail, not knowing where it is heading for, stands in contrast to the urban life of instant experiences and fast changes. It means nothing in a society which is focused on performance, achievement, keeping deadlines, efficiency and quantity of labour. Where results rule over processes and the accelerator hates the break. Provided the nightmare of boredom and laziness that scares this society, could take on the form of some kind of an animal, then it would be a snail because from the perspective of accelerating consumers it drowns in its own immobility. Today there is not much time left for digestion. Information, experience, free time, all that has to go through the digestive system as fast as possible without leaving an undesirable snail trace behind. There is not much time left for development and maturing, although people realize this and try to compensate their rushed lives by small amounts of slowness, quietening their bad conscience. The society of output puts up somewhere aside its little secret stall, monument or bench where runners in a circle go to sit and rest for a short while. The snail couldn´t care less and keeps crawling slowly to an unknown place, leaving nothing behind. Nobody asks, the snail keeps silent behind the guardrail of the society of precipitation.


Na tomto místě, resp. právě nad ním končí výstava avi kurátorovaná Martinem Zetem.
Po potlesku následuje přídavek od Artyčoku.

05 Universal personal encouragement

use after:

studio meeting
bachelor's exam
master's exam
studio visit
bad criticism

06 Exhibition credits

Curator: Martin Zet
Authors of Texts: Martin Zet, y2kboy, Dana Balážová, Petr Machač
Online Exhibition Concept: Lenka Střeláková
Realization: Lenka Střeláková and Janek Rous
Translated into English: Zuzana Rousová
Published: 7. 1. 2015