The exhibition programme of the gallery MeetFactory focuses on contemporary art trends, emphasizing relationships between the local art scene and renowned foreign artists as well as confrontations between different generations. The exhibitions aim at going beyond the framework of individual media and art forms, they respond to current topics related to various philosophical and socio-political issues. MeetFactory aims at creating a natural, open space where the public can encounter live art.

MeetFactory has an International Artists-in-Residence programme which was established in 2007 and represents the largest studio programme in the Czech Republic. MeetFactory facilitates fifteen studios which host every year over thirty visual artists, curators, musicians, theatre directors and writers. We encourage the involvement of our artists in residence not only within the programme of MeetFactory (open studios, presentations, Public House, Museum Night etc.) and its exhibition spaces (exhibitions, performances, guided tours etc.)but also within the context of the Czech and European art scenes.

MeetFactory houses three exhibition spaces – three galleries – with a specific conception and dramaturgy:

Gallery MeetFactory (300 m2)
represents contemporary Czech and foreign art, provides space for challenging, demanding and sophisticated exhibitions bringing out local artists into international context and vice versa. Thanks to its great layout the gallery enables the artists to deal energetically with the given space, change its layout and character and that is why it is considered a unique space in the Czech art scene. The programme of the gallery focuses especially on group exhibitions on different themes and exhibitions displaying the work of artists-in-residence in dialogue with local artists and host curator´s projects.

Gallery Kostka (160 m2)
is known for solo exhibitions and projects of art couples or groups. The gallery is also known as a place for art experiments and site-specific installations which react to the untraditional typology of the place. It is designed especially for the next generation of artists and individual projects of artists-in-residence. Every year MeetFactory offers half of the exhibition time in this space to artists in the form of open calls.

The Wall Gallery (130 m2)
shows large-scale paintings, sculptures or installations on one of the side walls of the MeetFactory building. The aim of the gallery is to find balance between street art forms and projects less common for such type of space, ranging from conceptual realizations to forms of geometric abstraction.

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